Improved storage
and ergonomics

Architectural Wallsz is a leader in the design of innovative, prefabricated modular solutions, using modern methods of construction (MMC) designed to reconfigure existing environments for your current needs and adapt easily to future challenges.

Architectural Wallsz Nurses Station and Casework have been designed to meet today’s needs whilst being adaptable for tomorrow’s challenges. Effective design elements from 30 years of healthcare experience and innovative finishes help lower the risk of Bioburden and improve storage and ergonomics to ensure staff and patient wellbeing.

Streamlined Construction

  • Rapid installation
  • Clean construction
  • Minimal disruption on site
  • Integrated data and power sources
  • Range of finishes and optional extras available

Hygienic Spaces

  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Seamless and impact resistant
  • Compatible with all healthcare cleaning procedures

Efficient Healthcare

Meeting your Net-Zero carbon targets while achieving wider social value priorities and helping you support staff health and well-being.

Our Promise

  • 10 year guarantee on materials
  • 30 years expected lifespan
  • Dedicated designer throughout your project Precise, upfront quotations
  • Intelligent 3D rendering and VR review
  • Maintenance free

The flexibility of our designs, innovative features and the advantages of off-site fabrication combine to offer you fast, affordable, and sustainable solutions.

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