Revolutionary ICE Design and
manufacturing software

Our revolutionary ICE Design software is a highly visual specification and configuration tool that changes the way our clients experience the design process.

Decisions are fast and easy with this immersive, dynamic experience and everyone can experience the power of real-time changes, instant pricing, and order certainty with super realistic visuals.

Our ICE Design process offers:


  • Virtual Reality
  • Fully bespoke
  • No constraints /no max or predetermined dimensions
  • Immersive VR modelling /experience

Better, faster, and more accurate

ICE was conceived to help people work better, faster, and more accurately. Everyone can experience the power of real-time changes, instant pricing, and order certainty with realistic visuals. It virtually eliminates uncertainty around pricing and timelines, slow decision-making processes, and siloed information.

  • No more uncertainty
  • Eliminate surprises
  • Explore and change the design
  • Vivid, realistic flythroughs

Seeing is believing, and with ICE our clients see everything. With stunning renderings and cinematic flythroughs, communicating with our clients is fast and easy.

See it in ICE reality,
before making it a reality

Everything is an exact representation of your design, from the measurements to the door animations. Visualising your space has never been closer to the real deal. Fly through your design or take a stroll through your virtual halls on supported smart devices.


ICE reality provides many key benefits to your next project including:

  • A virtual sign-off process unlike any other
  • Incredible visualization to help you realize your design’s potential
  • Unified decision making with guided tours through your space
  • A safe way to meet virtually while accomplishing key project tasks

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