The modern office is no longer an easy model to pin down. Every business has their own ethos, brand values and distinct (if sometimes a little quirky) ways of doing things. This ethos as a whole is what dictates how a business is run and also how its space is physically made up. In recent years, study after study has concluded that employees are more productive, deliver better quality work, have lower absence rates and are more easily retained by employers. These are all great results for businesses – so how can you adapt your workplace environment to be as accommodating, supportive and progressive as possible? Read on for Architectural Wallz’ top 4 solutions we learned from supplying our glass screens and partitioning to offices located far and wide:

  1. Open Plan Office

An open plan office is often the most effective – and easiest- way promote a sense of camaraderie and wellbeing amongst your employees. The very nature of an open plan office means that your employees will be able to communicate more often, encouraging a more cohesive, collaborative and approachable office. Glass panelling also allows for a more flexible workspace; breaking down the traditional walls and fostering a more productive environment for all from directors to interns.

  1. More Natural Light

Utilise interior glass screens to enhance natural light within your commercial space. Natural light promotes feelings of wellbeing, enhances connectivity to outside spaces for a healthier work environment and also reduces the need to artificial lighting (which can be attributed to serious medical conditions such as depression). There is of course a side-bonus to improved natural light flowing through interior spaces -and that is lower electricity bills!

  1. Wellbeing Based Initiatives

Not every change to an office is focussed on equipment and space utilisation. Your team need to feel valued and part of a team. This can be achieved through collaborative, flexible office design, such as open plan office layouts or modular alternative workspaces with contemporary transparent panels, and supported by activities that boost morale. Standard team building days do a lot to achieve this, along with welfare-based drives such as charity fundraisers, community outreach or sporting events.

  1. Manage Your Empty Space

There should never be unused space within an office. Modern, forward-thinking companies are setting the standard for inspired, slick spaces that not only promote wellbeing and increased productivity amongst employees, but also attract the very best applicants to their business.  Spaces used for activities such as huddles, relaxation or even team-building fun are becoming ever more common – and for good reason. Millennials (as the next  generation of workforce leaders) are dictating what sort of workspace companies offer and we’re finding that innovative leaders are opting for flexible, collaborative and open environments.

These are just a few suggestions though. A great place to get started with boosting employee wellbeing, enhancing productivity and improving workplace flexibility is to install interior glass screens, glass wall partitions, panelling or modular spaces. Visit our website, or call +44 (0)121 374 0070 to learn more about what we can do for you.


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