We constantly work with all kinds of businesses, installing our fire rated glazing, glass partitioning, glass screens and other architectural solutions, and spending time in these companies has led us to noticing that lots of businesses are experiencing a new wave of growth – which is great news! But with this growth comes different demands, expectations and ways of working…

Things have changed.

Companies have new focus priorities, a better understanding of maximising productivity and are prioritising innovation as an engine for their growth. And we know that central to these better ways of working is collaboration. Research reveals that collaboration is a top concern for today’s business leaders, yet

78% of businesses state that their collaborative work is impeded by their workplace systems.

So what can you do to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your team?

Well, you need to engineer a workplace that allows for seamless connectivity and encourages collaboration. Studies have found that 80% of innovation stems from people working together. So if you really want to drive your growth and stand out from the crowd, you need to create a space that provides access to diversity of experience and skills, allows for the quicker sharing of ideas and builds momentum.

The perfect way to achieve this is through glass wall partitioning. Glazed screen systems allow you all the collaborative benefits of a open workspace, but also give you the option to retain privacy, control noise and organise your office. In short, it’s the ideal solution.

Has your office adapted to the new wave of working? Or are you stuck in an outdated workspace rut?

Architectural Wallz deliver the innovative infrastructure essential to the collaborative office of the future. Our systems help you to maximise your workspace and optimise your employees by creating the perfect environment for productivity. We are the experts in specialist glazed and solid partitioning, and offer a range of state-of-the-art glazed screen systems from a number of premier manufacturers.

Our products include solid systems, glass doors, sliding glass doors & fire glazed screens. Whether you’re looking for frameless transparent separation, sliding glass doors for open space optimisation, or a combination of a number of products, Architectural Wallsz can deliver your contemporary office solution.

Keep competitive and kick-start your collaboration with the expert help of Architectural Wallsz and get in touch today. Call 0121 374 0070 or email sam@awallsz.co.uk to learn more about our glass screens & partitioning, fire rated glazing and more.

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