In the workplace of today, innovation drives growth. Therefore, it’s essential to your businesses’ profitability that your office is a place where employees have the freedom and flexibility to work in ways that best fuel their creativity.

You can achieve this by utilising the concept of “agile working”, which is all about creating a flexible and productive environment.

The new generation of workers, who are beginning to form the majority of today’s workplaces, have grown up in the digital age, and therefore have expectations of flexibility and collaboration that are at the heart of the agile working strategy.

The underlying principle of agile working is balance.

Offices which are designed to enable collaboration without sacrificing focus are proven to be more successful, with higher performing employees. This balance is at the heart of agile working, as although collaboration is key to spreading ideas, focus is essential to the productivity which makes these ideas happen.

After all, although as research reveals, 22% of balanced workplaces are more effective, 77% of employees report that they prefer a quiet environment when they need to focus.

Workplaces should therefore be striving towards creating a balanced environment that places flexibility and agility at the centre of its focus. Studies show that balanced workplaces are more creative and innovative, so – how can you engineer an agile environment and reap the benefits that so many companies worldwide are enjoying?

Architectural Wallsz are at the forefront of agility innovation.

Successful agile workplaces have countless examples of glazed and solid partitioning, and Architectural Wallsz are the experts in how to make the most of such systems. Glass wall partitioning, glass screens and our fire rated glazing systems provide layers in alternative spaces and opportunities, which enables the connections and collaborations which drive today’s “knowledge economy”. They also control noise levels, cultivate a focused environment and allow for the privacy which is essential to the balanced workplace. In other words, it provides the best of both worlds.

Your employees can relish collaboration, but also focus when needs be.

Glass wall screens & partitioning are easy to install and works perfectly with your existing structure. Its easy integration contributes to an agile design, creating a unique and balanced office space that goes beyond the norm. This is turn will help spur on the creativity and intuitiveness of your team, generate fresh ideas and improve productivity.

Get in touch with Architectural Wallsz today to transform your workplace with our selection of architectural glazing, glass screens, fire rated glazing and more. Call 0121 374 0070 or email to learn more about our services or receive a quote.

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