Suspended Ceilings

About Our Suspended Ceiling Installation

Suspended Ceilings from Architectural Wallsz are the ideal aesthetically-pleasing and contemporary solution for maximising both your building investments and workforce productivity. They provide benefits such as improved heat insulation and sound absorption, better light and air circulation and the concealment of messy utility features– all leading to a boost in employee wellbeing and morale which is attributed to increases in productivity and performance.

The design and placement of Suspended Ceilings can be a powerful tool in reducing costs associated with the maintenance of your commercial space. With the right installation – supplemented with clever lighting choices and planning alongside natural light sources – a suspended ceiling can dramatically reduce your electrical lighting costs. Specialist placement can also improve heat insulation, therefore limiting the need for heating systems to be used. .

Suspended Ceilings from Architectural Wallsz can truly transform a commercial space in a way that benefits your employees, too. Such installations provide an attractive way to contain wires, plumbing ducts and cables all whilst remaining accessible for maintenance. They are mould, mildew, bacteria and sagging resistant and also have refined acoustic sound absorption properties for quieter workspaces. Together, these features make for a pleasant environment built with productivity and wellbeing at their forefront.