Quartz 54 Frameless Glass Partitioning

Quartz 54

The Quartz 54 Narrow Glazed System has been acoustically tested up to 47db. Measuring at 54mm wide x 27mm, the system features a slimmer profile while still delivering a high level of acoustic privacy. Quartz 54 is both simple and quick to install and provides an elegant finish to any commercial space. All quartz systems come with the additional option of a 50mm high deflection head channel. Design drawings are available upon request for projects.

Quartz Frameless Glass Product Specifications


Partitions: Standard Heights: 10mm glass to 2.7 metres and 12mm glass to 3 metres.

Tracks: Polyester powder coated aluminium to BS6063 specification.

Corners: Crystal clear PVC joint sections in a range of sizes and configurations are supplied to form 90° corners, 135° corners and 3-way junctions.

Dimensions: Single glazed is either 27mm or 32mm x 27mm. Double glazed is 100mm x 27mm. Single or double glazed 50mm deep deflection head and a new extra deep two-part deflection head detail is now available.

Glass: 10mm to 19mm glass can be accommodated.

Joints: Dry jointed with clear PETG material or silicon jointed for single glazed.

Blinds: Double glazed installations can include internal 25mm manual or automatically controlled tilt and turn Venetian blinds.


Options: Frameless glass, framed glass, timber, double glazed GDS or sliding doors complement the AW system.

Solid doors: Timber doors are 44mm solid core in a choice of veneers.

Door frames: Aluminium full height. Doors are mounted on to either hinges, pivots or sliding tracks. A range of ironmongery can be supplied with our doors.


All exposed aluminium sections are pre-finished with a polyester powder coating in a range of RAL colours.


Designed for installation in areas up to 4.2 metres high.


Tracks consist of a channel and bead, where the channel is fixed to the existing surface and the bead located into the channel. The glass is then installed, joined by a choice of junctions available and secured by a snap-in profile.


Fire resistance: Screens FR30/30 and glass doors FR30/0 to BS476 part 22.

Sound reduction: BS EN ISO 140; Rated weighting to BS EN ISO 717.

Acoustics: Single glazed 38Rw(dB) and double glazed 47Rw(dB).

Structural: BS5234, BS6180 and BS6399. Commercial office (BS medium duty)