Sliding & Folding Partitions

About Our Sliding & Folding Partitions

Sliding and folding partitions from Architectural Wallsz allow you to create a truly amazing, modern and future-proof commercial space. Our technology provides you with a space that is fully customised to your building and personalised to the needs of both your business and employees, allowing you to accommodate and enable a diverse workforce, and therefore reap the benefits of collaborative, flexible ways of working. Also consider the economic benefits of being able to create change exactly when you want it, without further investment.

Our sliding and folding glass partitioning is made to your exact specification and therefore perfect for you. Partitions can be full or half size and mounted in-frame to improve sound absorption too. All this is in addition to the inherent benefits of transparent glass which contributes to an open plan, bright and breezy atmosphere that’s also private and geared up for modern working practices.

sliding and folding

Sliding and folding partitioning offers great economic benefits for businesses and industries that rely on flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt in order to deliver services, and maximise their offering. It’s best suited (but not limited) to conference centres, leisure centres, hotels, schools, showrooms and larger offices for the division of larger or smaller rooms into usable spaces. Diversity is absolutely key here, which is why Architectural Wallsz sliding and folding partitions are designed, manufactured and installed to reflect your individual aesthetic and to support your performance requirements.

Here are just some of the features of sliding and folding partitioning from Architectural Wallsz: Sound reduction from 15 – 58dB RW, integral pass doors, fantastic selection of stacking options, vision panels, head or floor support, frameless glazing and a trend-led range of real wood veneers, laminates melamines and vinyls.