It’s a uniting of ideas and construction disciplines to create a product that shapes, inspires and protects all in one. This is fire resistant glass from Architectural Wallsz and this is our expertise. We’re specialists in high technology fire rated glass, heat resistant glass, fire rated partitions, internal fire doors, glass fire screens and tempered glass, all of which meet the highest regulatory standards.

Our designs provide modern, stylish transparent barriers that protects against fire for up to 180 minutes whilst creating airy, open spaces flooded with light and finished with creative flair. This is a truly cutting-edge fire resistant glass for your commercial space.


The design is up to you. You could want beauty, using fire rated glass as a centrepiece that creates awe and atmosphere and floods a space with natural light. You could want unassuming tempered glass that brightens and connects, perfectly assimilating. You could want the multi-functional from your fire glass, teaming style and functionality for a design that’s far from being just a partition.

Whatever your perfect fire rated workspace looks like, we’d love to hear about it. To Architectural Wallsz, heat resistant glass doesn’t mean basic, dated and dull. It means taking a fresh perspective to provide you with stunning structures that protect from damage, keep people safe and modernise your space.


We’ll also create you drawings and a quote that’s tailored to both your experiences now and how you see your space working in the future. To share your ideas and find out how our fire rated glass and fire rated door systems can help you, just click below.

Fire Protection That Supports Performance

Slimline systems form segregated staircases, visible walkways and escape routes for stringent fire protection, whilst creating bright, connected spaces perfect for collaboration and wellbeing.

If You Value It, Protect It

Protect people, reduce damage and costs and make fighting a blaze more efficient with fire rated glass. As well as creating compartments to contain a fire, spot life-threatening smoke earlier.

Channel Modern, Multifunctional Style

Sleek, light-flooded designs help attract and retain talent. Double up on benefits with minimalist tempered glass products that protect your space whilst also driving business success.